E-mail and Diary Management

So it's Monday morning, the 'phone is ringing off the hook, you have orders to get out and you've got 923 E-mails from the weekend to sift through, you could delete them all, but in amongst the spam there might just be some enquiries and orders.

On the other hand, you could arrive on a Monday morning to find the spam deleted, your E-mails sorted into folders and anything that needs action added to your to-do list.

Virtual PA Solutions can de-junk, organise and prioritise your E-mails for you. We can even respond on your behalf where a response, but not immediate action, is appropriate.

Imagine a life without spam, where you are left to deal with only the E-mails that matter.

Have you ever double booked yourself?

Or realised at 10pm that you're meant to be in two places at 10am the next day?

Have you ever driven to an appointment to be reminded that they had called to cancel but you had forgotten to delete it from your diary?

Why not let us manage your diary for you? We know how long your appointments take, we know how long it takes to drive from one appointment to the next and we know which appointments can be moved if something more urgent crops up. We can also make sure that your appointments are all called to confirm, so that you don't have a wasted trip.

Take control of your email & diary

tonnes of emails, diary clashes & no time to deal with it?

Not surprising really... you weren't born to be a PA after all. You're there to run your business. Now wouldn't it be nice if you had a PA to look after that stuff for you...

It's not so much of a luxury as you thought. Virtual PA Solutions can:

  • de-junk & organise inboxes
  • create 'call-to-action' list
  • answer standard emails
  • update/maintain your calendar