Who answers your calls when you're in a meeting?

Answering machines and voicemail are not great as people prefer to speak to an actual person, not a machine. Over 70% of callers will hang up if they hear an answering machine. If you don't answer your call, your competition will.

How does it work?

You complete a Client Questionnaire form, we allocate you a dedicated telephone number for you to forward your phone to. When your caller rings, your Virtual Assistant will answer the call with your company name and inform them that you are not currently available, asking whether they would like to leave a message.

Your Virtual Assistant will then send you the message, via E-mail or SMS. Alternatively, your Virtual Assistant can E-mail or SMS you at certain points during the day to update you on your messages.

The benefits?

Take the pain out of call handling

do you get so many calls you don't get any work done?

Phone calls can be an incredible drain on your time. And it can be a headache ensuring you don't miss those all important calls from potential clients while you're out & about.

Virtual PA Solutions can:

  • answer your calls
  • take and forward messages
  • forward important calls
  • provide regular reporting